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Your Business Is Your Rocket.

We wanted to put this article together to tell you why we’re called Growth Rocket. Hopefully, we’ll dispel a few misconceptions and maybe give you something to think about.

YOUR Business Is YOUR Rocket.

Many of the entrepreneurs we talk to about Growth Rocket claim that they are too small or not growing fast enough to be of interest. This is just not true. Look at our interviews; we’ve got everything from solo entrepreneur start-ups to international drinks companies.

Not every rocket launch will go to other planets; some might be smaller missions, operating on a tight budget with a limited team. It doesn’t make their efforts any less worthy. Launching a rocket is a big achievement, however large it is or how far it travels.

So forget about the size of the mission and just imagine yourself on a rocket. You are the pilot. But your business isn’t just the rocket itself, it’s the whole endeavour.

Launch Planning

What comes before the rocket launch? Months, if not years, of planning. Dozens of people working together to decided the on mission parameters, recruiting the team, and raising and investing money to make their idea become a reality. Does any of this sound familiar?

It should, because this is where every entrepreneur will start their journey. The timelines will vary, but everyone will start with an idea, and then plan on how to make it into a reality. There will be research, project costing and endless brainstorming before they start trading.

If you don’t put enough time or energy into this stage, you risk early failure. You must make sure you do your research. Define your market, complete your cost projections and make your cash flow projections. Ensure you’re adequately funded! Businesses, like rockets, can cost a lot to launch.

The Launch.

It’s finally the big day. The weeks and months of planning are over and it’s time to press the big red button and launch your hopes and dreams into reality. One of two things is going to happen next.

It doesn’t go as planned...

You take a deep breath and press launch, and nothing happens. Your website crashes or your new shop doesn’t get a single customer. Everyone’s experienced it. However much time you spend planning, sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you wanted. Don’t give up, go back to the drawing board and start trying to work out where it went wrong.

It goes as planned...

There is a huge explosion of noise and light, your project lifts off to great applause before disappearing behind the clouds. It will feel different for everyone, but at some point, everyone is going to realise that this is where the real work starts.

The Flight

You’ve got your project off the ground! Congratulations. You’ve worked so hard to get to this point and you deserve all the praise you receive. But the project is far from over, in fact, this is where it might get really difficult.

Your business is your life. It will be very difficult for people to understand what you’re going through. Sometime you’ll feel tired, fed up and lonely. Just like astronauts must feel when they’re in space. It’s only through hard work and perseverance that you will overcome these obstacles and keep your business on track.

When it gets really hard, try to imagine what it will be like when you’ve hit your goal. The moment that you realise your project has succeeded and the first part of your mission is over. Break everything down into small manageable tasks and tick them off one by one.

Make sure you know where you’re going. The most sophisticated rocket in the world will fail without a plan of where it’s going.

At Growth Rocket we're trying to create something larger than ourselves, a collection of resources that will aid and inspire any entrepreneurs who might need a helping hand from time-to-time. We want to become fully integrated in the start-up and growth community, connecting to, and learning about as many new businesses as we can.

That's our mission, whats yours?

The Ground Crew

Growth Rocket is a collaborative project between several entrepreneurs. We work in many different industries, and all our businesses are different sizes. The smallest is a one-man band while the largest employees ten people. Most of the team have advisory roles, but this project is no less theirs. Their experiences and insight have helped Growth Rocket become a reality, and they are likely to become more hands on as the project grows. We have a function ground crew for our project.

Make sure you have your own ground crew. When things go wrong, you’ll be glad you’ve got someone to talk to.

All Aboard The Growth Rocket

Growth isn’t just about making your business larger. It’s about improving it. You might make it more environmentally friendly, more profitable or easier to manage. It’s also about your personal development as an entrepreneur.

We don’t care if you employ thousands of people, or you’re a team of one. Regardless of the size of our businesses, we share a lot of processes, and face many of the same challenges.

Your growth is important to us.

We want to hear about your experiences, and others will too.

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