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Are These The Keys To Success? Part 1: Consistency.

It’s time for a disclaimer. We’re not hyper successful, billionaire life-coaches. We’re just people with big dreams. So we’re definitely not trying to teach you how to be successful, we’re just sharing what we’ve noticed, and how it applies to us. We’re going to cover them one at a time; otherwise this post would get very long and rambling (whoops, too late!).

At Growth Rocket, we’re huge fans of positivity. We’ve studied a lot of motivational and inspirational speeches, from TEDX to graduation ceremonies. Once you’ve consumed enough of this material, you begin to see a pattern forming. These successful people are all saying the same thing. They might use different words, but most of them put their success down to the same set of ideas.

The first of these is CONSISTENCY.

Consistency is one of the keys to success because nothing happens overnight. Success in anything comes from completing thousands of separate tasks. Think about your favourite book. Many people might think of “writing a book” as one achievement, but that’s wrong. The author had to sit down in front of their computer day after day to get the words on the page. Modern fiction books are made up of at least eighty thousand words, think about how long it would take you to type that many words, even if you typed them randomly without any effort to form them into a story. Before the typing comes hours of research, character planning and chapter layout. Even after the book is finished, there might still be formatting, marketing and publicity to be done.

To get that book finished, the author must consistently work on that story almost every day until it’s done. But here’s the hardest part, most authors aren’t successful after writing just one book. As soon as they finish the first one, it’s time to move onto the next story. Seems daunting doesn’t it?

This is where consistency is your friend. By splitting the project up into a list of much smaller daily tasks, you can tick one off every day. You’ll stop worrying about the whole project, and start concentrating on just getting your small tasks completed. Do you think a marathon runner tries to complete the whole 26 miles in one go? Or they do try and run 26 separate miles one after the other?

It’s easier to be consistent if you can learn to take pleasure from the small daily tasks that you’re working on. There is a speech that Arnold Swarzenneger gave at a motivational conference where he described the joy he felt every time he completed a weight lifting set. As the sweat dripped from his brow, he smiled while moving massive weights around the gym. He was asked many times why it made him so happy to work so hard. Swarzenneger replied that every set took him one step closer to achieving his goal of becoming successful, and that was what made him happy.

To achieve anything you have to start by taking action. After that initial action comes the consistent grinding away of the tasks that you need to accomplish to complete your project. This is where many people fall down. Everyone knows to get great at something you have to practice. Well, if we all know it, why can’t we all play an instrument or be great at sports? It’s because we aren’t consistent. When life starts to get in the way of the practice sessions or we feel that we’re not progressing fast enough, we start skipping the practice. And once the consistency starts to slip, it’s hard to get it back again.

Let’s be realistic for a minute, we aren’t going to feel great every day. Sometimes, we’ll feel ill or tired or just sick of the grind. That’s OK, it happens to all of us. But to be successful, we have to show up anyway, even if it doesn’t go well or it hurts. That’s why consistency is one of the keys to success.

Consistency at Growth Rocket

At Growth Rocket, we try to be consistent. We might have already mentioned it once or twice, but we have huge dreams. Trying to look our project as a whole would probably send us into a downward spiral of rocking backwards and forwards while gently sobbing.

To keep ourselves sane, we make lists of small jobs which we work on one at a time. To help keep ourselves on track we like to review our progress every few days. Looking back at how far you’ve come is also a great way to stay positive.

So here’s a list of what we’ve achieved so far this month.

Redesigned our homepage banner.

Started splitting our interviews into categories to help our readers find what they’re most interested in.

Added a sliding light box to get more mailing list sign ups. (This already seems to be working!)

Changed the “feel” of the wording on our homepage and signup forms to try and emphasise our community ethos.

Started internally linking our articles together to improve our SEO.

So that’s what we’ve achieved this month, why not let us know what you’ve achieved? We’re always interested in what our readers have been up to!

Remember; small daily improvements over time will add up to amazing results.

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