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Tales From Growth Rocket HQ. EP 2

What a week! It's only February and I've already got enough projects on the go to last until 2021. I'll try and give you an honest account of the week but to be completely honest, I'd forgotten I was supposed to be keeping track.

Last weekend was a mixture of work and family time. We took the kids to soft play on Saturday afternoon. I'm always surprised by how busy it is, especially as we never had one locally until relatively recently.

Saturday evening was spent cooking a nice meal, which is an opportunity I rarely get these days. Even being out of practice, it turned out OK and reminded me of how much I enjoy cooking.

I spent most of Sunday studying. I've got a short story to write that's proving very troublesome. The word limit is 900 which makes it very difficult to tell a compelling story, but it's getting there.

I also spent a few hours over the weekend teaching my son about coding. We used the Scratch language that was developed by MIT. It's a great tool and I was thrilled to see how quickly he picked up the basic concepts.

You should have seen his face light up when we animated this cat walking across the screen!

On Monday, I worked from home. This was a rare and welcome treat. I spent the morning catching up on paperwork and then the afternoon was used up very quickly on Growth Rocket business.

Ah, Growth Rocket, the apple of my eye! I love this project so much but it would be great to find a way of making money from it. When we started, there were several of us working on it, but it's mostly just me now. Through no fault of their own, my co-founders have become involved with other projects and passed the reins to me. Our audience and network continues to grow, and although we might not be putting out quite as much content, it's still ticking along.

I've been working on ways of monetising the project without jeopardising our values, and some of the ideas look like they might bear fruit. Watch this space!

The rest of the week was spent on work, Growth Rocket and two new projects.

The first of these relates to my monetisation ideas, and it's a little premature to reveal much about it. I can tell you that it's consumed a lot of time this week.

The second is a product/website that is pretty niche and a subject that interests me. The idea is take a series of flat images that feature items that need linking to an external website. Each image has lots of items and they aren't arranged tidily. It's not very technically challenging but a little fiddly.

It's a no code project that we're planning on using Webflow to create. It's going to be pretty cool when it's finished. As usual, the hard part will be spreading the word.

I've also been reading up on the EduTech industry. Teaching my son to code was very rewarding and I'd love to work on a related project for schools or after school clubs. I've got a few ideas and the next step will be talking to people within the niche.

On Fridays, I work a double shift as Saturday is busiest day at the bakery. I work from 1am to 9am, and then return and work another shift from 5pm until about 2am. It's a tough gig but rewarding.

I think that's it for this week. I'll really try to take some photos and notes during the week so that next weeks update will be more thorough! I'll probably remember a dozen other things I wanted to talk about after I post this!

What a week! It's only February and I've got enough projects on the go to last until 2021. I'll try and give you an honest account of the week but to be completely honest, I'd forgotten I was supposed to be keeping track.

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