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Following on from the interview that we posted last week with Revival DMS founder, Rebekah Litherland, she’s kindly agreed to help us out with some helpful tips for improving your social media strategy. You can read her original interview here.

1) This might seem like an obvious question, but why do you think its important for businesses to have a social media presence?

It seems obvious to us, yes, but what we have found over the last few months is that small businesses do not always understand the importance of having a social media presence.

There are a number of reasons that it is important for brands to have a social media presence. For example;

1.Having a social media presence is important as it allows brands and businesses to reach their consumers and advertise their services for free.

2. Employing social media increases a business's ability to convert consumers to their website.

3. In recent years, social media has changed how consumers search for information and making decisions. As a result, they are more compelled to trust a brand that has a digital presence as this increases social proof and validates a business. Brands that fail to employ social media could miss out on business as their target consumer will be less inclined to purchase from or take advantage of the services offered.

4. If a brand's social media marketing employs the chosen brand keywords, having a social media presence can increase the likeliness of a brand being found through Google search.

2) Where should a brand new business start with their social media campaign? Is it a good idea to start small and build up?

First and foremost, a new business must consider who their consumer is and which platforms they are more likely to use. They also need to consider whether they are a business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) brand as this will also have an impact on the platforms utilised. With this information in mind, a new business will be able to determine the platforms they employ.

Considering campaigns, the first month will determine what works best in terms of content and publishing times. To start off, we would recommend publishing one post a day (on each platform) that introduces the brand and services to engage consumers and raise brand awareness. As followers increase, it will become apparent which content is most desired. It is important that a brand creates content that sells their services, however, it is more important that the content appeals to the target audience. If a brand fails to entice their audience, they will not see any return-on-investment for their marketing efforts.

It is also important to consider that if a brand operates within a niche industry, organic content may not always provide the desired awareness to start off with. As a result, we would suggest a small budget for paid social media adverts. The use of paid adverts will ensure content is seen by the desired audience and will create a call-to-action and increase brand awareness.

Furthermore, it is crucial that a brand defines their goals before they start with their social media campaign. Identifying brand goals will provide an outline of the overall strategy and drive the brands marketing efforts.

3) What about some tips for those of us who want to up our game?

Interact more on social media! While many brands and businesses think that pushing out higher levels of content surrounding their services and brand offerings will help them up their game, it is actually all about community management. Whether your brand is on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, join in on conversations that are relevant to your industry and converse with your consumers. In doing so, you’ll soon see your brand awareness increase. Brands that communicate with their consumers on social media are also more likely to see an increase in brand loyalty.

If you are wanting to reach a wider audience, employ hashtags. On Twitter use hashtags including #bizhour and #b2bhour - we also advise looking at location specific hashtags, for example #manchesterhour #merseyhour #southeasthour and #londonhour. Brands will find that in doing so, they can target their prime location and interact with other local businesses too. LinkedIn is also a great platform for hashtags as many users will search for specific keywords.

4) Anyone serious about their social media presence will want to evaluate the effectiveness of their campaign, what's the best way of finding out if your campaign is working?

Here at Revival Digital Marketing Solutions, we produce monthly social media marketing analytic reports for our clients. This allows us to investigate current strategies and make recommendations for the future.

Employed to provide an in-depth insight into a business’s online performance, audits can highlight where a strategy performs well and offer suggestions surrounding what needs to be improved to ensure future success.

If a brand spends a great deal of time on their social media marketing strategy, but do not see the results they had anticipated, conducting a digital marketing audit will bring to light any areas that may need to be revised. Likewise, they will also have the ability to see where their success is coming from.

5) Most people concentrate on the big platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Do you think there are any platforms that are overlooked?

I personally think LinkedIn is overlooked. As a business to business networking platform, LinkedIn is not necessarily suitable for all brands to have a business page on, however business owners can employ a personal LinkedIn profile to discuss their brand offerings, communicate with like minded business owners and increase brand awareness.

6) One of the most common problems entrepreneurs encounter is trying to grow their audience. What tips have you got for increasing your online following?

This relates to one of my answers above. If you are struggling to increase your audience and brand awareness, interact more. Get involved in conversations that are happening on social media with other local businesses. In doing so, you’ll find that their followers start to follow your brand. The more you converse, the wider the audience you will reach.

If you are still struggling to grow your audience, considering employing paid social media adverts for a short period of time. A lot of small businesses worry about the financial impact of employing paid adverts on social media, but they are well worth the money when done correctly. Spreading a budget out over a set amount of days will ensure that your content reaches your desired audience for a prolonged period of time too. For example a budget of £30 on Facebook can be spread out over a week and could see a small business with up to 500 impressions a day. Don’t forget that you can customise adverts to your business goals and also decide who will see your content. This means that your paid ads will be delivered straight to your desired audience.

6) Do you think that there any tools that are essential for managing social media?

There are definitely a wealth of handy tools that brands can employ, however the tools used will all depend on the platform, brand and services offered. For brands looking to create and schedule social media content in advance, we would highly recommend taking advantage of Hootsuite!

7) Paid advertising on social media can be very effective, but also very expensive. What advice have you got for anyone thinking of trying paid ads?

When using paid advertising it really is about testing the waters. Start with a smaller budget and analyse the results you see. If you find that you obtain a rise in brand awareness, increase in interactions or website conversions, this will highlight that paid adverts are working. However, if you do not see anything from your first or second paid advert, do not give up. Adjust your objectives slightly and continue to review the performance of your adverts.

8) Finally, you offer a variety of social media services. What advantages can you offer someone thinking of managing their own social media?

We are able to produce and schedule content, manage social media networks and conduct monthly analytic reports. This reduces the time a small or medium business needs to spend on doing this themselves and affords them more time to focus on other tasks including networking. We also ensure that our clients content is published everyday, at the time their consumer is online. For many small and medium sized businesses, this is often something that is not a priority, which can see them without social media content and failing to deliver an integrated marketing approach.

We offer a wealth of individual services for those only wanting to outsource one or two services. In addition, we offer tailored packages which provides the ability to combine a wealth of our services. A full list of our individual social media services can be seen below;

Social media set-up

Social media content creation

Content scheduling

Social media management

Paid adverts

Social media analytic reports





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