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After 20 years of working in corporate marketing, Kate Jones founded Rocket & Fox Marketing, so that she could carry on doing what she loved but be closer to home and her children. Kate's passion for designing and delivering marketing strategies became obvious after just one meeting, as did her goals for Rocket & Fox. We loved chatting about marketing with Kate, and in fact she gave us so much great advice that we used it to write a second article which we're going to publish next week.

Although they offer digital marketing, Rocket & Fox Marketing can also assist with offline strategies too, which we think is great because it's a tool that is underutilised by some businesses.

Kate's passion combined with her wealth of experience and ambition mean that we're certain to be hearing a lot about Rocket & Fox Marketing.

Rocket & Fox also has some great marketing content on their website which is definitely worth checking out (we found their guide to lead magnets really useful!).

Can you describe Rocket & Fox Marketing in a single sentence?

We identify and implement a clear marketing strategy for businesses wanting to grow.

Tell us about the founding of Rocket & Fox, what made you want to start a marketing agency?

I’ve always worked in-house in a variety of different companies, and always setting the marketing strategy and seeing it through into practice. After having children, I wanted to work closer to home but to still do this, so I began to think of ways that I could offer this service to businesses. Marketing is ever-evolving and changing, but what doesn’t change is that businesses need to have a marketing plan in order to grow. In this changing world, having an internal marketing resource isn’t always the best option, so the idea of running an agency of outsourced marketing managers and assistants started to blossom in my head. Once it was there, there was no stopping it – it had a life of it’s own and grew into what I’m building today!

We love your branding. The colour scheme and logo are great, and they're a great advert for your marketing skills. Can you tell us about the process of creating the Rocket & Fox brand?

I found creating the brand the hardest thing – which seems funny seeing as it’s part of what I offer to others! I knew that I wanted to stand out, I wanted to show the brand’s personality and that I also wanted to be clear in what we deliver. I wanted to create something that people remember, and that they can say the name of! I went around the houses with surnames, play on words etc. But the actual name came from asking my children for a word each and it was the best decision I made! Once I had the name, the branding itself was pretty easy. I work with a great designer who asked me questions about what I liked, didn’t like, how I wanted people to feel etc and the branding came to life from there. I knew that I wanted a rocket and a fox in the icon, something fresh and stand-out and a logo that could be used in a variety of sizes and formats, so I’m really pleased with how it all turned out.

How have you been raising awareness of your business since you launched?

To date it’s generally been word of mouth, getting in touch with old contacts, networking etc. I set up a website and social media channels from the get-go and have just been trying to connect with all related businesses and services that I can. I definitely follow the motto, “collaboration over competition” and have really enjoyed meeting new people and trying to be as much help as possible. We’ve got big plans at Rocket and Fox for 2020, which will involve a lot of useful content coming out, across a variety of formats.

You help businesses grow by providing them with tailored marketing support, that must be a rewarding experience. Are there any examples that where you were able to make a big difference?

Providing bespoke marketing support is definitely rewarding! And seeing that what you’re doing is making a difference. I’ve been able to open doors to new distribution channels by creating bespoke content about the client in the right channel, which will hopefully bring big growth for them in 2020. I’ve reworked old content for a client to bring their message to life and have created videos that are clear, fun and fresh, making one client stand out in their marketplace.

Above all though I believe, and what I strive to do, is to make a big difference to any client by taking the “pain” of marketing away. Sometimes the thought of what they should be doing is too much, so nothing gets done, so to help the company take any small step in progressing their marketing makes a big difference to their business.

What does the future look like for Rocket & Fox? Where would you like your business to be in five years?

I’m excited about the future and 2020 looks like a big year for us! The objective is to grow, but to always stand true to the beliefs of service and value. In five years time I’d like the company to have several marketing managers serving 2-3 clients each and providing real value to their businesses.

If you could count any business as a client, who would it be, and why?

Ooh that’s a tough one! I love all of our clients and wouldn’t want to change any of them! I’d love to work with an electric car brand and help bring their stats and functionality to life. Or I enjoy knowing the story behind a brand, so working with a family run product or service and bringing the messaging out there would be fab.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking of starting their own business?

Just do it! Everyone says it’s hard, and it is, but don’t overthink it too much. Have a vision and make sure to keep checking in to make sure you’re on track and not deviating off too much. And outsource when you can – doing everything is hard and time-consuming, so value your time and where it’s best spent.

Starting and growing a business is very challenging. Is there an entrepreneur who you find inspires you and keeps you motivated?

Janet Murray is great – she offers so much free content it’s unreal! And she makes it all look so easy! From a work/life balance point of view, I find a lady in America - Cailen Ascher-Moore really inspiring. She runs something called the “3 day work-week” by carving out time for everything and outsourcing.

Finally, can you give us a quick run through of a day in the life of Kate Jones?

Haha it’s pretty dull! The morning is the madness of getting the kids ready for school and dropping them off. Then it’s either head-down in the office with calls, meetings or work or meetings off-site with clients and prospects. Most of my time is spent on clients’ work but I always have half a day a week to work on my own business. I usually have one “coffee and chat” meeting scheduled a week with a contact or business development person to get perspective, and then it’s back to family life in the evening!





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