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Revival Digital Marketing Services.

After connecting with Revival Digital Marketing Services on Twitter, we were impressed by the informative content that they were posting. We reached out to their founder, Rebekah Litherland, to find out more about Revival DMS. From our initial conversation, it was clear that she is an experienced and driven entrepreneur. At the heart of Revival DMS’ values are a dedication to customer service, and their set marketing packages make it easy for business owners to understand exactly what to expect in terms of cost and service. We’re looking forward to seeing this young company grow and flourish.

Can you please tell us about the history of Revival Digital Marketing Services?

Revival Digital Marketing Solutions was founded in April 2019, a year after originally putting pen to paper.

Having worked with a number of small and medium businesses in the last six years, I’ve gained first-hand insight into how digital marketing can help a brand flourish. As a result, Revival DMS was born from a passion of aiding the awareness of SMEs and is on hand to help businesses achieve the brand recognition they truly deserve.

Prior to launching Revival DMS, I had been working freelance and in-house within digital marketing. Working alongside other brands and businesses allowed me to gain insight into how businesses are run and how to effectively communicate with clients and manage a team of professionals. For me, the transition from freelance to business owner was the next step in my career and seemed like a natural one.

The field of Digital Marketing is extensive and varied. Can you tell us more about it, and exactly what services you offer?

The digital marketing field is ever changing and extremely fast-paced. The industry includes everything that happens online, from copywriting to website design, social media marketing to search engine optimisation and Google advertising to email marketing. In the last ten years, digital marketing has rapidly changed. Google algorithms are constantly updating, social media platforms are forever implementing new features and new rules and regulations, including GDPR, are always being evolved to protect the online consumer. Each year, new trends evolve and marketers constantly need to be ahead of the game.

Understanding that every business and brand is different and will therefore have various needs, we offer a wealth of services here at Revival Digital Marketing Solutions. Our services currently include tailored packages, set packages and individual services.

Our tailored packages provide clients with the opportunity to mix and match a number of our individual services to suit business needs, while our set packages, which include Revive, Revival and Revived, contain a number of our services and are based on packages that we believe are beneficial for brands to employ to increase their brand awareness, return on investment and create an integrated marketing approach. Contrasting our packages, our individual services can be employed as a one-off or can be more long standing. Our individual services include social media content creation, social media management, email marketing, website design, copywriting and digital marketing audits.

Digital marketing is a very competitive field, how do you ensure that Revival DMS stands out from the competition to keep winning new customers?

We believe that our focus on organic marketing and working with SMEs truly helps us to stand out. A great number of digital marketing agencies want to secure large clients, often because of the financial benefit or brand awareness, however, we focus on working with small businesses because we are passionate about ensuring that SMEs gain the recognition they truly deserve.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve encountered while growing Revival DMS?

I was talking about this quite recently actually.

I think for us, one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced is that customers sometimes find it hard to believe that we can operate remotely in our field.

We are aware that the development of the internet and the boom of social media and digital marketing environment is still fairly new, and not everyone has the same knowledge or understanding that marketing professionals do.

While it is a challenge, we enjoy educating people of the benefits of hiring a remote team. We use phone calls, Skype and regular email communication to talk to our clients almost every day. We also travel to our clients HQ’s to ensure that we maintain our relationship with them. We are able to reduce costs for our clients by working remotely, we have the ability to be more flexible outside of the typical 9-5 working day and we genuinely believe the relationships we have with our clients are better than they would be if we worked from an office all day, every day.

hat’s been the best thing that’s happened since you started at Revival DMS?

Seeing clients obtain return-on-investment and brand awareness has been the best thing since starting Revival Digital Marketing Solutions. We are extremely passionate about ensuring that our clients acquire the recognition that they truly deserve, so knowing that the work we are doing is affording them this is extremely rewarding.

I would also say that the support we have seen has been outstanding and somewhat unimaginable. As mentioned previously, Revival Digital Marketing Solutions was an idea on paper for quite some time. I decided to keep the plans for the business under wraps until I was 100% happy with the website, services and pricing strategy. When I was finally ready to introduce the business to the world, the support I received was incredible and quite overwhelming.

Helping people to improve their businesses must be very rewarding. Have you got a particular client who stands out as having benefited from your services?

Without naming any names, one client in particular that will always stay with me is one that I worked with in London. When I began working with the client, they were seeing one or two sales a month and, due to a lack of presence on social media, they did not have a large amount of brand awareness either. As a small business, I saw just how hard everyone behind the scenes was working. Upon commencing work on their digital marketing strategy, the first thing I wanted to do was raise their brand awareness. I wanted everyone to see just how incredible this small brand was and I wanted them to see their full potential. Within three months, the brand was featured in two magazines in the UK and their social media following and interaction had massively increased. From seeing one or two sales a month, they were seeing a number of sales a day. Brand loyalty was also at an all time high. I noticed that the brand had obtained various returning customers, who would talk about the brand and share their purchases on their own social media channels. This obviously acted as a form of word-of-mouth marketing for the client.

The brand became so popular, we began to host in house events and sales days which gave followers and those in the area the opportunity to visit the headquarters, meet the team and purchase products in person.

Noticing a gap in the market, we introduced the client to the world of YouTube tutorials. Shortly after, we realised that followers had begun to watch them and create their own products, which were shared with the brand on social media.

While I no longer work with this client, I am aware that the marketing strategies implemented are still effective to this day and ensure that the brand continues to see return-on-investment and retention. This in itself makes me extremely proud to have worked with the client and it continues to feed my inspiration to work with SMEs.

Any business field evolves over time, but the digital marketing industry moves at light speed. New platforms and technologies are constantly being released while existing companies regularly change their policies and algorithms. How do you keep up with it all?

There are various ways for us to keep up with it all. First and foremost, we read a lot (news, books etc) as this helps us stay up to date with what is happening. We are also committed to completing courses to ensure that our knowledge is up to date. I am actually due to finish a Masters Degree in Digital Marketing within the next two weeks. Completing the Master’s Degree has offered me a great insight into the different tools and strategies that form the digital marketing realm, and I have already begun to implement this knowledge into the strategies with our current clients.

Going forward, we aim to top up and refresh our knowledge by completing short courses (online, day courses etc) a few times a year. We also do a fair amount of networking. From attending events to talking with other professionals, these tools provide fresh perspectives on topics and also opens our eyes to things we may not have been aware of.

If you could go back seven years and give yourself one piece of business advice, what would it be?

Well, seven years ago I was 19 and setting up a business was not something I had even considered. However, something I have told myself and others over the last few years, is to not worry about what other people are doing or saying.

From a business perspective, I think it is easy to worry too much about what our competitors are doing. Now, don’t get me wrong, we should always have one eye on what our competitors are doing, but we need to ensure that what we do in business and as individuals are unique. You need to stand out from the crowd and you cannot do this if you are constantly worrying about what other people might be saying about what you do. Not everyone will support you, not everyone will understand why you do what you do and not everyone will appreciate you, but this should not stop you, it should drive you and motivate you.

Have you got an entrepreneur who you particularly admire?

I won’t name any names, however I would have to say an old boss of mine. She knew exactly what she wanted and she made sure everything was possible. Nothing was out of reach for her. Nothing was impossible. Nothing was too much. She is extremely driven and she successfully launched a number of businesses from scratch to help other people. Watching her work and working alongside her taught me a great deal about what it means to be a successful business woman.

What are your plans for the future of Revival DMS?

What aren’t our plans? With regards to customers, our future plans are to continue working with SMEs. We would also love to host workshops that offer help and support to businesses that may want to tackle their digital marketing themselves and are just looking for a bit of professional guidance.

Can you give us a rundown of a typical day at Revival DMS HQ?

Every day is different here at Revival Digital Marketing Solutions, however a typical day is something along the lines of this;

I’ll usually kick start my day with an early morning session in the gym before getting myself ready for a day of work.

In front of the computer and at the desk, I’ll start by checking my inbox and replying to any emails that need a response. From here I’ll create a ‘to-do’ list for the day, starting with tasks that need completing urgently. Depending on the agenda, I’ll often check in with clients and conduct social media reviews to determine the performance of the campaign. While I’m at it, I’ll do a bit of social media community management and reply to any comments, messages and interact with followers on behalf of the clients.

From producing copywriting for websites, creating social media content, implementing email marketing campaigns and even designing websites, our afternoons have been full of creativity lately. We usually round off the day by reflecting on what we have done and distinguishing anything that we know will need to be done the following day. A few times a month, we will spend a day in our client’s head offices. This enables us to catch up with our clients, see what is happening on-site and ensures that we are up to date with the business.

On the last day of every month, we complete digital marketing audits for each of our clients. These allow us to analyse the months performance and review anything that needs changing going forward.





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