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Our First Month.

What a month it's been. We can't believe that September is over.

#GrowthRocket has been live for thirty days now, and we'd like to share some thoughts and feelings with you. This is going to be something that we're going to be doing every month, but in the future we'll probably just be sharing it in our newsletter.


Sessions (From 16.9.19, as I hadn't figured out analytics yet!) : 330

Bounce Rate( From 16.9.19) : 75%

Interviews Posted: 11

Total Articles Posted: 19

Revenue: 0

New Subs: 5

So let's talk about the stats. We were a little slow in getting the analytics sorted, and even then it was an app built into the Wix platform, rather than google analytics, which we've now set up!

Sessions: We were pleased with this, but we think next month is going to be much better. The traffic obviously spikes around interviews being posted, while how-to articles receive far less interst.

Bounce Rate: This is higher than we'd hoped but it has been coming down. Although traffic spikes when the articles are shared by the interviewee, most of those visitors are only interested in reading that one post.

Interviews Posted: It was great to hit 11 for one month, but we had some ready to go prior to launch so it will be interesting to see if we can post that many in October. We're definitely looking at ways to reduce the turn around time on posting these.

Other Articles: We've decided to try and focus more on what's going on with Growth Rocket than posting guides and how-to's. It seemed like a good idea when we launched, but the internet is already littered with them and they don't attract as much interest as interviews. We feel it would be better to spend the time working on more interviews or updating you on what's going on at Growth Rocket HQ.

Revenue: This is zero and will stay at zero for the foreseeable future. Our traffic is nowhere near enough to attract sponsorship, and we have no time to look at other revenue sources for the time being.

New Subs: Five! Hooray. We've impressed five people enough to make them want to sign up!

What we're working on:

Site design. There are a few areas of the site that we've identified as requiring improvement. Most notable are the call to action for email subscribers and creating a form for submitting interviews.

Interviews: As we already mentioned, we'd like to increase the number of interviews that we're posting. We've been refining our questions and tactics to attract new interviewees and that seems to be paying off.

Workflow: We need to try and automate at least some of our workflow. Everything is done manually at the moment and there are a lot of steps in just getting one interview on to the site, from contacting prospective candidates to editing and uploading. It should be easy to make improvements in this area.

Traffic: We obviously want to drive a lot more traffic to the site next month. We've got a few ideas on how to do it, from posting more valuable content to sharing it across more platforms.

Email Subs: By improving our call to action and incentivising the process we're hoping to increase the new subs we get next month!

That's it. Everything that's happened in September, and what we're planning for October. We've got some really great interviews lined up to share with you and we think October is going to be another brilliant month!

Many thanks to everyone who's already taken part in an interview, we really appreciate it and hope you enjoyed the experience. As always, if anyone has any feedback, we'd be glad to hear it.

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