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Door To Store. The Start-Up Revolutionising Self-Storage.

We discovered Door to Store while scrolling through Facebook. The small branded trailers jumped off the page. We reached out to Door to Store founder, Adam, to learn more about his new venture. Although Door to Store is only a young business, their innovative storage solutions are helping the business achieve rapid growth.

Can you tell us more Door to Store?

I started Door to Store about 8 months ago. It stemmed from an idea I had 10 years ago, using trailers to house storage containers, and offering a mobile self storage service. We started with that product but found a lot of clients asking if we could leave the trailers at the property, so that got me looking into other ways for people to store their belongings on their own property. We launched our Home Storage product about 8 weeks ago, which is a flat pack storage unit we assemble at your property, and have been amazed at the amount of interest and bookings already. We mainly cover North London, Herts, Beds and Bucks but are willing to travel if the job is right. Currently, I handle pretty much everything including day-to-day operations, marketing, advertising, etc.

Tell us about what you did before Door to Store. What made you want to run your own business?

I started working for my grandfather’s already very well established family removals and storage business about 20 years ago. I inherited it 10 years later and tried to make it work, however the industry has changed a lot over the years, and it got a lot harder to make a living so I had been looking for an opportunity within the storage sector for a few years. I decided to act on the idea I'd had all those years ago.

Your mobile and temporary storage containers are a great idea! You’re providing an innovative solution to a common problem that many of us have. Can you tell us how you came up with the concept?

As I said above, I noticed a demand for storage, self storage specifically. After asking a few people and looking around, there seemed to be nothing on the market that you could rent and use to store things in at your own home, so I made it my task to find something.

The branding on your trailers is very effective. Does this “free advertising” attract a lot of business?

Right now, most of our business is coming through Facebook. I think over time the branding will have an effect but currently I’m just trying to get our name out there and let people know that there is another option for self storage.

Can you tell us about how Door to Store has grown since it started?

Currently, we're still starting out. I'm still running the old business at the same time as this one, so I have to split my time between the two, plus I also have a young family at home so it is important for me to spend time with them.

Tell us about the problems you’ve faced in growing your business.

At the moment, funding is an issue I’m facing. I’ve had various offers for investment but I’m not looking at going down that route just yet. Employment is always an issue facing a new business. Currently, I utilize the staff from my removals and storage business but we are growing fast and soon I will need to start structuring the company properly.

Your website and branding look very professional. You also use videos and animations to explain how your business works. Do you think this has helped to grow your business?

I would like to think so. My use of video is to help potential clients better understand the services we offer. I think sometimes people like to see a product in action and trying to describe something with text can leave you open to misinterpretation.

What are your plans for the future of Door to Store?

Currently, my focus is on increasing the number of Home Storage units we have. I am also working towards expanding into other “flat pack” options like insulated Portakabins, kiosks, etc. Another thing we are passionate about is our environment, we already sell environmentally friendly packing materials and alternatives to the plastic products that are commonly used, and in the future we are aiming to change our vehicles from diesel vans to hybrid or electric alternatives.

Regardless of the narrow access, Door to Store were able to install a solution at this property.

Finally, can you give us a run-down of your typical day running Door To Store?

Typically, I meet my staff at 7:30am at our depot to go over the day’s work. After sending them out on their jobs I go into the office for 2-3 hours to do any admin that is needed. I will then usually stop for some lunch and then in the afternoon do a couple of site visits (to check access for storage units etc). Late afternoon, I will go back to the office and finish any tasks or answer any messages from the day. After that I go home, read my daughter a story and then put her to bed, and then its back on the computer advertising/posting on social media/planning world domination. ;)




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