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Coursework, Canva and a Great Meeting!

I've been taking daily notes this week to make it easier to remember the important (to me) things that have happened. Let's see if it works....

Saturday and Sunday were spent on coursework (I'm studying for a BA in English Literature). I've really enjoyed the course so far, and have learnt so much about all aspects of writing that it's difficult to hold it all in my head at once. I want to discuss it in more detail at some point because there are so many great parts that are really relevant to creating content.

Unfortunately, I didn't read the assignment question properly and it took me most of Sunday to re-do what I'd got wrong on Saturday. Lesson : ALWAYS READ THE QUESTION.

Monday morning quickly arrived, and with it another long list of orders to fulfil (My "main" business is a busy wholesale bakery). We're much busier than we usually are through January and February, which is great. After work, I finished my Uni assignment and got that submitted.

In the afternoon, I had a telephone conference to introduce two businesses that are going to start working together. I was really pleased to have fostered this deal and it's an exciting project to be part of, even if my involvement was mostly an introduction. I learned a lot from both parties but one was particularly fascinating.

The business model revolves around giving away content in return for certain time sensitive details. These details are then sold on to third parties, with consent of the original owner. It's obvious that a lot of work has gone into this business but it's an awesome concept. A really good example of a "machine that makes money" (one of my favourite reddits!).

After work on Tuesday, I finished editing and uploading the Power Sheds interview. If you haven't checked it out yet, then where have you been? The co-founder, Jack Sutcliffe, was a fascinating chap and his business is very impressive. They've made over £1 million in sales in their first year of trading and don't show any signs of slowing down. You can read it here: http://bit.ly/PowerSheds

The Power Sheds interview has been very well received and the original tweet got loads of retweets and likes which was brilliant. I think the sales figure had a large part to play in it, but we also got a lot of interaction from groups and businesses local to Power Sheds. That's something to remember for the future.

Tuesday evening was a parents evening, which went well. I also got the opportunity to quiz a couple of the teachers about an EduTech project I'm day dreaming about. As ever, the outcome was another huge pile of research to do, but it was the first tiny step towards validating the idea.

Wednesday and Thursday have been spent working on Growth Rocket Q & A Collection Vol 1. I'm basically compiling every interview that we published in our first quarter into a downloadable .pdf. I'm hoping the document will be a great resource for anyone that doesn't have time or inclination to sift through everything on the website. I'm also hoping it will be of some use as a lead magnet, but I'm still working on the details. I'm using Canva to design the document. Canva is a great tool but it's cloud based and has a slightly odd saving system. You really have to make sure it's updating your document otherwise you can lose hours of work. This happened to me but luckily I was able to fix it with some quick copy and pasting.

On the whole, my main business has already started getting busier and it's going to require more of my time. This is going to make time management even more crucial as I start to get into the Spring. If everything goes to plan, my Uni course should finish for the summer at the end of May, so that will free up a lot of time. I've got so much to do on Growth Rocket that I can't wait to start putting more time into it.

I've got a nice weekend lined up, but I'll keep the details for next week. (I promise to have some photos next Friday!!!)

I've also got an AWESOME interview to share with you next week!

Have a great weekend!

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