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At Growth Rocket, we love Twitter! The b2b community is friendly and supportive, and it's a great place to build a following of your own. We've met lots of new friends and contacts on Twitter, in fact we're a bit obsessed about it.

One of our favourite features on Twitter, are the hashtags. When posting content, we can use relevant hashtags to try to put it in front of lots more interested people. With 75,000 relevant followers, the hashtag #bizhour is a great resource as it always gets really good engagement. #bizhour was created by Steve Richards, who also founded Chirp.at. So when we got chance to have a chat with Steve about his business and growing a successful twitter network, we jumped at it.

Hi Steve, can you tell us about yourself?

I started online marketing 15 years ago, discovering all I could about SEO and affiliate marketing. With this new knowledge, I went on to use affiliate programs like Commission Junction, earning affiliates via PPC £15K + over 3 months. After that I got my break working for Everton FC before starting at a Yahoo paid-to-search service where I spent 5 years. During my time working there, I generated over £1 million pounds in my first year and around £3.5 million during my 5 years.

Can you describe your business in a single sentence?

We reward business reviews and support businesses across our twitter networks of around 500,000 followers.

Tell us about the founding of Chip.at. What made you start the business?

We were originally a directory and changed to the Chirp.at review reward platform in September 2019. I started it to help businesses engage and encourage repeat business. We also wanted to reward original consumer content. The original networks where built to connect and engage businesses via hashtags, to date our hashtags have generated billions and billions of twitter views.

You’ve also created hashtags on Twitter, including #bizhour, which is huge. How do these hashtags support your business?

The hashtags are used to help other businesses more than ours, but on the back of us creating #BizHour we offer the www.Chirp.at/HashtagCreation service and now also generate our client’s hashtags millions of daily views too.

How has your business grown since you founded it?

We’ve done well, our revenue has doubled since we started. We now have a staff of 5 with 3 freelancers. We've also changed our offering with the addition of the Chirp.at review management software. Yearly, we’ve grown our networks by thousands of users.

We know Twitter is a major part of your business but are there any other techniques you use to find new customers?

We also use LinkedIn and SEO, but as you can imagine from the size of our networks, our majority of work comes from our twitter networks!

What challenges have you faced in growing Chirp.at? How did you overcome them?

There have been many, and we are still facing a lot of challenges. But with the right vision and the right team we’ve always managed to overcome them.

What does the future hold for Chirp.at? Where would you like to be in five years?

The future is very bright! To be honest, within 5 years we see an exit or bringing in more investors, as we know we cannot do it all on our own as the business continues to grow.

If you could go back to the founding of your business, and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

I think I would have made sure I put the right people around me. In the early days, there were people I’d hired who actively tried to take the business from me. I’d tell myself not to believe everything you hear and try not to be naïve.

You’ve been very successful at growing your Twitter presence. What advice have you got for entrepreneurs looking to grow their own communities?

I think the best thing is just to be natural. Make sure you know what your target audience is and make sure you truly believe in your product. As well as having your own business SM account, make sure you also have a link to who you are personally. I’ve actually done more business via myself @SteveRichardsUK than my business twitter account.

Is there an entrepreneur who you find particularly inspiring?

That would be anyone in business who has never given up. It’s a tough world starting out and I respect anyone who takes that risk.

Finally, what goes on during a typical day at Chirp.at HQ?

We don’t have normal days, lol! Mainly we work on our clients hashtags, tweets and retweets. Trust me it never stops here @Chirp.at

The #bizhour is active from 2pm (GMT) every weekday!




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