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Avoid Burnout By Learning To Disconnect.

As entrepreneurs we often struggle to think about anything but work. While this relentless focus is a positive attribute that will be required to ensure your business is a success, it can lead to burnout if we’re not careful. It can be incredibly useful to step back, do something else for a few hours. Afterwards, you'll return to work feeling fresh and re-inspired. Of course, this is easier said than done, so here are a few strategies and #Tactics that might help you disconnect from work when you’re off the clock.

Switch Off Notifications.

Modern technology is invaluable for staying connected to our employees, customers, contacts, suppliers and competition across the digital realm, but it can be relentless. Try switching off your notifications for a few hours, or even better, try to have some technology free time.

Tip. Dump all of your technology in a box and put it out of sight. If it’s out of reach, you’ll be less tempted to keep checking your phone or tablet.

Plan For The Following Day.

Often, our thoughts are consumed with the jobs that we must do when we return to work. By creating a list of tasks at the end of each day, we will have one less thing to worry about in the evenings or at the weekend.

Tip. Try making a few notes with your to do list. The more comprehensive the action plan, the less time you’ll spend worrying about each task.

Work/Life Schedule.

There will many times when you will be required to work at weekends or during the evening, it's inevitable. Things will go wrong, or opportunities will present themselves, and you’ll need to put in the extra hours to get the business back on track. But you need to make sure that you allow time slot for these activities and try to stick to it. If you don’t try to commit to a work time slot, you’ll find that work will gradually take over your entire life.

Tip. Set an alarm or ask a family member to remind you when your work time is over, otherwise you’ll find yourself losing track of time.

Make Plans.

Call your friends and family, and make some plans. Go out and be sociable. If you have plans in place, it will give you the motivation to put your work away and step back from work for a few hours.

Tip. Establish a no-work talk rule when socialising with work colleagues, otherwise you'll find your evenings will become extensions of your work day.

Share Your Plans with Co-workers and Customers.

Creating a better work-life balance will be easier if you share your timetable with the people you work with. Asking not to be contacted at specific times is not an unreasonable request. It will be much easier to switch off if you can be reasonably certain that your customers and co-workers aren’t trying to contact you.

Tip. Give the people you work with a way of contacting you in an emergency, then you won’t worry about being completely out of the loop!

Find Some Hobbies.

You’ll be more excited about being off the clock if you can find some hobbies or activities that you really enjoy. They will help distract you and let your mind focus on something other than work. If it’s a group activity, then it might also be useful for networking.

Tip. If you struggle to find a hobby or activity that doesn’t revolve around your business, try to find a side project that is related to it. You could enrol on a course or start a side project. It will be enough to distract you from your day-to-day and prevent you burning out, but should also develop your skills in the long run.

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